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Homeowners Insurance

What’s not covered by homeowners insurance?

Homeowners insurance typically provides coverage for a variety of risks associated with owning a home, but there are certain things that are typically not covered or may require additional coverage. Here are some examples:

  1. Floods: Most standard homeowners insurance policies do not cover damage caused by floods. If you live in a flood-prone area, you may need to purchase a separate flood insurance policy through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or a private insurer.
  2. Earthquakes: Damage from earthquakes is usually not covered by standard homeowners insurance. If you live in an area prone to earthquakes, you may need to purchase a separate earthquake insurance policy.
  3. Sewer Backup: Damage caused by sewer backups or sump pump failures may not be covered by standard policies. You may be able to add an endorsement or purchase a separate policy for this coverage.
  4. Mold: Mold damage may not be covered, or coverage may be limited, depending on the cause of the mold and the policy language. Some policies may offer limited coverage for mold remediation, but it’s often excluded if it’s the result of long-term neglect or poor maintenance.
  5. Wear and Tear: Homeowners insurance typically does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear or lack of maintenance. It’s important to properly maintain your home to prevent avoidable damage.
  6. Termites and Pests: Damage from termites and other pests is usually not covered by homeowners insurance. Preventative measures and regular inspections are often necessary to protect against pest damage.
  7. Valuable Items: While homeowners-insurance may provide coverage for personal belongings, there are often limits on coverage for high-value items such as jewelry, art, and collectibles. You may need to purchase additional coverage, known as a “rider” or “floater,” to insure these items adequately.
  8. Home-based Business: If you operate a business from your home, your homeowners insurance may not cover business-related liabilities or property damage. You may need to purchase a separate business insurance policy to protect your business assets.
  9. Acts of War or Terrorism: Damage caused by acts of war or terrorism may not be covered by homeowner insurance. However, some policies may offer limited coverage for certain types of terrorist acts.

It’s important to review your insurance policy carefully and understand what is and isn’t covered. If you have specific concerns or need additional coverage for certain risks, you may be able to purchase endorsements or separate policies to address those needs.

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