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    Is Homeowners Insurance Necessary for Condo Owners? Unveiling the Facts

    As a condo owner, you may be wondering whether homeowners insurance is necessary for your specific needs. While condo insurance is often a requirement, understanding the difference between homeowners-insurance and condo insurance is essential in making an informed decision. In this article, we will delve into the importance of homeowners-insurance for condo owners, address common misconceptions, explore the coverage provided, and provide tips for finding the best homeowners insurance for your condo in Bend, Oregon. Understanding the difference between homeowners insurance and condo insurance Before we delve deeper, let’s clarify the difference between homeowners insurance and condo insurance. This insurance typically covers both the structure of a home and the…

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    How the youngest buyers are shaping the housing market

    All eyes have been on millennials the past several years, as they have come of age (26-41) to buy homes and build families. They’ve become the dominant generation in home-buying activity, but there’s also good reason to look toward their younger counterparts. Gen Z adults (ages 18-25) are making it clear that they share the goal of homeownership with millennials. Many of them have already purchased homes, while others are taking steps toward achieving their goal. Recent realtor.com research quantifies the momentum of Gen Z buyers, revealing that 72% of them say they’d like to buy a house in the future; 43% expect to do so within five years. Almost half, 45%, are…