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Fire Season Action – Things Homeowners Can Do To Get Ready

As fire season approaches, homeowners must take proactive steps to safeguard their properties against the threat of wildfires. With climate change exacerbating fire risks in many regions, preparedness is paramount. Here are essential measures homeowners can take to minimize the risk and impact of wildfires:

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  1. Create Defensible Space: Clear vegetation and debris at least 30 feet from your home to create a defensible space. Trim trees and shrubs regularly, significantly those close to the house, to reduce the likelihood of fire spreading.
  2. Maintain Your Roof and Gutters: Embers can ignite roofs and gutters filled with dry leaves and debris. To prevent fire from taking hold, regularly clean gutters and remove any flammable materials from your roof.
  3. Use Fire-Resistant Materials: When building or renovating, opt for fire-resistant materials such as fire-rated roofing, siding, and windows. These materials can help slow the spread of fire and protect your home.
  4. Install Ember-Resistant Vents: Replace standard vents with ember-resistant ones to prevent embers from entering your home through attic vents or other openings. These vents have mesh screens that block embers while still allowing airflow.
  5. Keep a Defensible Perimeter: Maintain a clear space around your property by regularly mowing grass, removing dead vegetation, and storing firewood and other combustible materials away from your home.
  6. Create an Emergency Evacuation Plan: Develop a comprehensive Oregon evacuation plan for your family and pets. Identify multiple evacuation routes and establish a meeting point outside the danger zone.
  7. Prepare an Emergency Kit: Assemble an emergency kit containing essential supplies such as water, non-perishable food, medications, important documents, and first aid supplies. Keep this kit easily accessible in case of evacuation.
  8. Stay informed about fire conditions in your area by signing up for emergency alerts and monitoring local news and weather reports. If authorities issue evacuation orders, be prepared to evacuate.
  9. Practice Fire Safety: Avoid activities that could spark a fire, such as using outdoor machinery on hot, dry days or having open flames near dry vegetation. Exercise caution with outdoor activities like grilling and campfires.
  10. Collaborate with Neighbors: Work with your neighbors to create a cohesive wildfire preparedness plan for your community. Pool resources and share information to enhance collective safety.

By taking these proactive measures, Oregon homeowners can significantly reduce the risk of property damage and ensure the safety of their families during wildfire season. Preparation is critical to mitigating the impact of wildfires and safeguarding lives and property.

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